Merchant Processor for CBD

Merchant Processor for CBD

The sales of CBD products seem to be increasing in the coming years so will be the requirement of CBD payment processors. A CBD merchant processor understands and accepts the risks associated with high chargebacks. The chances of fraud make it necessary to have trusted payment gateways.

.Ideally CBD credit card processing system should be integrated with eCommerce software, such companies will ease payment processes and also gives insight into the product information available to the customer on the website. A CBD payment processor with point-of-sale (POS) provides the benefit to control the stocks, manage online and offline transactions, generate reports on profitability. Merchant processors for CBD may attract a charge for registration and account opening. The merchant processors’ additional fees include statement, compliance, terminal fees, and or annual or monthly fees. The merchants will be required to sign a contract, and have termination clauses.

Best Merchant Processor for CBD 

To secure a CBD merchant account, the agent should have a good credit history with a defined number of transactions and should abide by laws and secure licensing. CBD payment processes can be done through domestic credit cards, domestic E-check, offshore credit card processing, and payment terminals. The following merchants are the best market players and are known for their customer support and fewer complaints

 USAePay: This merchant is certified by PCI and deals with eCommerce, retail, and telephone/mail order solutions. The services are optimized as per the clients and provides a good customer experience.

NMI: This merchant provides details of transactions that can be done through ACH, credit cards, and debit cards. The clients can open multiple MIDs to escape the hefty transactions in a single account. The account has a monthly fee and also charges per transaction. The platform allows merchant control panel and reports generation.

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PayKings: It is one of the most reputed merchant processors for CBD. It is integrated with several eCommerce platforms and has low fees. The transactions are approved faster. It helps in opening offshore merchant accounts, recurring bills, mobile solutions, online credit card payment processing, and fraud prevention.

SMB Global: This merchant account has to make a transaction of at least USD 50,000 per month for offshore accounts. It helps deal with the high financial transaction. It has fair contract terms and excellent customer support. The software helps to keep a check on the chargeback and it utilizes • ACH & virtual check services.

iPayTotal: It utilizes PCI DSS Level 1 Certified cloud software. It offers excellent high-risk merchant services and the transactions are done escaping the banks’ scrutiny. The chargebacks are reduced by up to 72. The account holder must do a transaction of USD 1500 weekly and should have 4-6 months of CBD payment processing history. It deals with both low-risk and high-risk companies.

PaymentCloud: It has the highest approval rates for CBD merchant processing, it allows business owners to keep an eye on the sales. It utilizes third-party processors and banking institutions for easy transactions. It offers • POS systems, Credit card integration, mobile payments, and eCheck.

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