Best Credit Card Processors

Best Credit Card Processors

It is interesting to understand the payment processing of credit cards. The processor communicates with the vendor’s bank for the availability of funds to approve the transaction. Once the transaction is approved by the bank, the funds are moved into the processor’s account. While selecting a credit card processing company, the main points to be considered are the low payment processing rates, payment acceptance solutions, security and, customer support. Here are the 4 best credit card processing companies

CardConnect: The striking features of this credit card processing company is easy transaction management and extraction of reports. It offers both in-person payments and online safe and secure point-to-point encryption. The transaction can be made on a computer or mobile device with ease. It offers the lowest credit card processing rates. The payment processing system is integrated into eCommerce stores and accounting software. The Bolt and CardPointe security layers protect the data and provide safe purchases. CardConnect is suitable for both small and large size businesses.

PaymentCloud: It is best suitable for payment processing for high-risk merchants. This credit card processor reduces the risk of fraud and data breach for all transactions and has a security shield at every step. It deals with both low-risk companies and high-risk companies. It has POS systems and countertop terminals with security measures in place at an optimal price. The high-risk businesses are associated with increased chargebacks and frauds and PaymentCloud is equipped to assess the risks. It has a list of banking channels for smooth transactions. It works with clients to understand the business needs and provide payment solutions at affordable prices.

National Processing: National Processing stands out for its transparent business practices. A vendor never has to agree to a long-term contract to secure the best services. National Processing also charges no annual fees or monthly minimum volume fees. The plans start from USD 10. It offers four different credit card processors, The Clover Go, the Clover Flex, Clover Mini POS system, and the Clover Station  It is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses The Company does not lock you for long-term contracts, one has the option to terminate the contract which may attract an early termination fee. The most prominent features that attract businesses are flexibility, affordability, and convenience are charges. The vendors are not charged annually or monthly and also need not worry about the minimum transaction amounts. It offers comparatively less ACH transaction fees.

Fattmerchant: It is best suited for businesses with low volume transactions. The pricing policy is transparent and does not charge anything additional. The plan starts from USD 99 and costs you on interchange-plus pricing and keyed transactions. Fattmerchant has one merchant processing plan and three software packages. It offers swipe, tap, and insert credit cards payment options. It can accept payments from a phone or a computer device. Fattmerchant is seamlessly integrated between online shopping carts and checkout pages. People with businesses in different locations can utilize the services of Fattmerchant effectively. It has different software packages and enables customs to opt from basic to pro.

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