Merchant Processor for Cannabis

Merchant Processor for Cannabis

The sale of Cannabis is a high-risk business as it is associated with high chargebacks and frauds. Banks mostly do not provide services to cannabis merchants and are hesitant to accept digital payments. The payment channels for cannabis are mostly illegal. The dispensaries across different States are managing the payments through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, small third-party banks, cashless ATMs, merchant accounts where the nature of the business and the products sold are labeled differently to banks and payment processors, etc. 

The merchants dealing with cannabis and CBD are required to have credit card processing services to ease customers. A merchant processor for Cannabis allows the regulated sale of the product and also maintains detailed transaction history. The sale of cannabis is not licensed, hence it is mostly traded on a cash basis.  The banks and credit card merchants (Visa, MasterCard), do not intend to deal with the unlicensed product sale and also to work with such merchant processors. You have various merchant processors who accept cannabis payments even offshore (you can open an account outside the United States).

eMerchant Broker: The merchant processor deals with high-risk businesses such as adult entertainment, gaming, cannabis, etc. We work to get your application for a high-risk merchant account approved. It offers the best service, support, and pricing. There is no application fee, set up fee, or annual fee. If you are finding it difficult to open a merchant account then, eMerchant Broker is the right choice.  

Instabill: This user-friendly account does not charge any merchant account set-up fees, it has reliable banking partners, affordable payment processing, and daily merchant solutions. Instabill accepts all kinds of payments including but not limited to credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and online transactions. The important features include ACH payment processing, POS, and international merchant account.

Globility Link: We help our customer change their high-risk business to standard-risk business to reduce costs and for financial security. We offer a wide range of electronic payment transactions. It offers ACH solutions, recurring billing, eCommerce gateway, high-risk ACH solutions, high volume transactions, international merchant accounts, etc.

High-Risk Merchant Services: It offers services to domestic and offshore companies. Offers services to merchants in securing solutions. Effective and efficient chargeback protection and customized solutions make it stand out from the crowd.  

Vantage Payments: It is one of the reputed market players that provides unique payment solutions for all merchants and businesses. The services offered include debit and credit card processing, multi-currency processing, e-checks, remote deposits, international merchant accounts, POS systems, virtual terminals, and gateway services. It has alliances with banks and merchant processors.

SMB Global: The company deals with high-risk merchant accounts, international and offshore banking. It has a security system to prevent chargeback and eCheck solutions. It has flexible payment options. ACH platform customizes merchant account processing.  ACH platform of SMB Global customize merchant account processing while providing flexible payment options. The merchant processor works with 15 banks providing the lowest transaction rate and faster approval

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